Countertops Restoration

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Whether you have granite or marble kitchen countertop, vanity or table it can become quite scratched, dull, stained or dirty from acidic substances over time and need restoring, polishing and sealing. These stains look dirty and look like, dull ring or drip marks and can spoil the natural reflection of a natural marble benchtop, counter top or vanity. The benefit of having a natural stone benchtop or vanity is that it can be completely restored back to its original pristine polished, honed or semi gloss finish by grinding and polishing the marble surface. We use the latest technology in diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to return a natural glossy or honed smooth finish to your marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and terrazzo kitchen benchtops, bar tops and vanities. We first grind the surface of the marble or stone benchtop to remove all stains and scratches. We then use several grades of abrasives to achieve a smooth, uniform finish before using our special diamond abrasive polishing compound to return a brand new polished, smooth, natural reflection to the surface.

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