Concrete floors restoration and polishing

Polishing concrete floors is a unique, multi-step method that involves grinding concrete floor surfaces finer and finer with diamonds and high-tech equipment. It is the only procedure of its type. Polishing transforms an average floor into a dazzling, magnificent floor with a high gloss, brilliant color, and the capacity to repel water and other impurities. Polishing may be done on any type of floor. In comparison to other flooring treatments, polishing has a smaller environmental impact. It is a dry, slurry-free process that makes use of synthetic diamonds and densifiers to get the desired results. Customers can also estimate the level of reflectivity of your facility by looking at the exterior of your building. Additional ornamental treatments can be applied to polished concrete floors to add a touch of personality and a touch of elegance. By dying or staining the concrete, you can incorporate decorative features into the finished product. Because of its long-term durability, concrete polishing is becoming increasingly popular in both retail and commercial contexts. Due to the lack of a topcoat, it produces an ultra-strong glossy surface that is impervious to liquid or chemical penetration. Additionally, there is no delamination or peeling because there is no topcoat.
We start with metal-based industrial diamonds and work our way through the polishing process with a range of grinding pads to get the desired result. The top layers of concrete cream are removed by pushing into the surface of the concrete with these abrasive metal pads, which are made of metal. Then, one by one, we swap the metals out for finer and finer grit pads, and so on until the entire set of pads is exhausted. After that, we use different softer diamonds.

  • Harder, stronger, and more long-lasting.
  • The amount of maintenance required is minimal.
  • It doesn't peel, lift, or flake like other cosmetics.
  • Protect against the Tire marks from fork trucks and other traffic are not visible on the surface of the water.absorption of oil and pollution.
  • The abrasion resistance of polished concrete is higher than that of unpolished concrete.
  • Because there is no waiting period for curing, you may start using it right away.
  • The problem of concrete dusting is no longer a concern.
  • Diamonds are used instead of chemicals in an environmentally friendly, natural procedure.

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Concrete floors restoration and polishing
Concrete floors restoration and polishing