Bathroom shower cleaning with professional standards

Do you need shower cleaning to remove soap scum, mould and dirt?

The most common stones used in showers and bathrooms are marble, limestone, travertine. Whilst these look spectacular, shower floors and walls can over time become quite dull, stained and dirty from soaps, shampoos, water and acidic cleaners.

Mouldy grout and silicone, soap build up and drip marks can spoil the glossy reflection of the stone and the shower can become hard to clean.

Professional polishing can reverse this damage caused by daily use and restore the highly reflective shine and smooth surface to stone shower floors and walls.

We will thoroughly clean the entire shower prior to polishing no matter which parts of the show are being polished and the silicone replaced to complement the polishing process and enhance the final results. Grout is cleaned during polishing so the shower is left looking fresh, sparkling and like new.

We understand the value of the stone and fittings used in these areas and take care to cover and protect taps, drains and other accessories.

We are experienced in dealing with wet areas and particularly showers and understand the importance of correct silicone replacement.

We will also provide advice after polishing, on how to best care for your stone showers and bathrooms and the most effective maintenance products.

This is our professional stone shower polishing process

  • Step 1:
    Taps, drains and other fittings in showers are taped or covered with plastic to protect them from damage during the cleaning and polishing process.


  • Step 2:
    Regardless of which parts of the shower are being polished, the entire shower is thoroughly cleaned using professional cleaning products so that soap scum and mould are removed from the walls, glass and floor. In addition, depending on the degree of build up the technician will use either a white non-scratch scouring pad or a hand held scrubbing machine to remove the soap film and dirt.


  • Step 3:
    Several grades of diamond abrasive polishing pads and special polishing compounds are used to wet grind the shower walls and/or floor to achieve either a high gloss, semi-gloss or honed finish.


  • Step 4:
    After the shower has been cleaned and polished it is dried with towels and a squeegee. Silicone is removed and the area is left to thoroughly dry before fresh silicone is applied the same day. The shower must not be used overnight.


  • Step 5:
    We will provide advice on the most effective stone care products to use to keep your shower looking clean and shiny.


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Bathroom shower cleaning with professional standards
Bathroom shower cleaning with professional standards